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There have been many get rich schemes throughout human history. People don’t want to put in the hard work, sweat, and tears to help make a business prosper. This Business Growth System 2.0 isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Rich Schefren isn’t a coach that wants to show shortcuts and loopholes to success. In fact, his system is based on working out a way to make a company profitable through putting plans in to practice and clear thinking. This system rewards patience, hard work, and becoming steadfast in a unified vision. It is the best marketing system that is currently available online.

The History of being Rich

Rich Schefren's Family's Brick and Mortar Store In NYCRich Schefren didn’t start out knowing how to market on the Internet. His first success came about through an old-fashioned brick and mortar store. His family had a clothing store, one that wasn’t doing good business. Through trial and error and learning many sales techniques, Rich was able to turn this clothing business in to a success. After helping to turn this family business around, Rich went back to college, obtained a degree, and then starting a business in Hypnotherapy. While making this Dynamic Solutions business a well-qualified success, Rich became interested in the world of Internet Marketing. When starting out, he found that some core marketing principles weren’t being taught to those trying to market goods and services over the Internet. He used these techniques to help become successful and eventually started to teach these skills to others.

Business Growth 2.0 Overview

What is the Business Growth System 2.0? It is the combined knowledge and culmination of many years of successful business practices, both in the brick and mortar stores and over the Internet. Rich Schefren’s experiences in the business world are summed up in this system, showing everyone that uses it how to become a success through online marketing. This system isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but tips and techniques to grow a business in to an overwhelming success. All the information in the Business Growth System 2.0 have been tried and tested. The modules presented discuss how to either build a business from the ground up to be a success or turn an online business around. In short, the Business Growth System 2.0 helps to energize any type of online business. Each module in the system is a combination of a video and worksheets/handouts. This will help each person that views every video become better acquainted with what information Rich provides in each module. What do the modules contain? Below is an outline of each module with ideas on how the information can help a business grow.

Modules in the System

1. The Big Secrets to Being a Real Entrepreneur that Almost Everyone Misses

There are some secrets to being successful in business. Except these secrets aren’t really that secret. Many of the most successful people in business don’t seem to understand how the simplest things can help propel a business to even more success. This module shows secrets that are uncommon in the business world, despite being techniques that can help every person succeed.

2. Isolating, Developing and Profiting from Your Moneymaking Strengths

Every single person has both strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to marketing, a true entrepreneur has to find out where his or her strengths lay. This module helps every person come to grips with what skills and assets are strengths. These are what will help a business succeed, both online and in the real world. Knowing each strength will help mitigate any competition and bring a business success, regardless of the industry.

3. Marketing Your Turf, Total Clarity on Your Big Objective, Generating Immediate Momentum

From Frustration to Freedom

The message of this module is how to focus on the best aspects of the business. As a business grows, it needs to become that much more of a specialized company. Knowing what a company brings to an industry is the key, being able to focus on that strength helps being in clients and customers alike. Rich asks each person to know what the main objective in running the business is and helps create a forward motion for becoming a true success.

4. Your Mafia Offer – How to Re-Craft Your Business to Make an Offer that Cannot be Refused

The world of business doesn’t just consist of one company with customers. Every competitor in each industry is working from the same pool of customers. When many business plans are developed, the plans don’t take in to consideration what the competitors are doing. With this module, Rich explains how to make each business so compelling that customers will choose one business over the rest. Each person will come away with knowledge of how to create a true business plan that takes all points of view in to consideration. They will also learn how to craft a plan that consumers won’t’ be able to refuse the product or service a business offers.

5. The most powerful marketing strategies that No One Teaches or Talks About

Business Growth System Focus

The most common techniques for marketing are wrong. Rich describes the way such techniques can hurt a business. He also outlines two techniques that are often overlooked. Like the big secrets in Module 1, these techniques aren’t unknown but always overlooked. With the information in this module, a business can explode with growth potential. Rich wants each business to be developed for a continuous stream of money and not just for a one-time burst of profit.

6. Your Master Plan to Blasting Through Every Obstacle that Stands in Your Way Right Now

Many obstacles stand in the way of a business making a profit. These obstacles can be from the outside, such as competition from other companies in an industry, but many of the obstacles are on the inside. Some of these include anxiety, confusion, frustration, and lack of enthusiasm. Rich shows how plowing through these obstacles can help business growth. Rich also talks about how most business plans are useless but how planning is an essential part of the profit making cycle. Each part of the business must fit in to the whole plan and these parts include sales, the day-to-day operations, and marketing. All departments and sections of a business should be working towards the same goal. This is true even if one or two people run all sections. Rich also discusses the difference between a business plan and planning; showing how each can help or hurt a business. This is invaluable knowledge to help keep a company pointed in the right direction.

7. The Secret Language of Business Metrics

To find out where a business is going, a company must know where it has been. To help this, metrics are put in place to measure what a business is doing and has accomplished in the past. However, not every little piece of information should be measured or a business can go in to data overflow. This can lead to an inertia that keeps a business from moving forward. Rich shows want metrics should be carefully considered and which measurements should be left alone. There are six metric challenges that each business must consider. Blasting through the challenge will help a business understand itself better, allowing the owner and employees of the company to experience growth in a way that the company has never experience before.

8. Set It and Forget It – Systemization and Putting Everything on Autopilot

Systemization should be the goal of any business. This helps profit flow in to the business without much labor from those that run the company. The hands off approach isn’t a bad thing, in fact is a great way to keep profitable even when other interests come down the way. These systems can also help fix problems within the company, patching holes and issues that crop up. This will keep the business in better condition for growth well in to the future. The goal of any business shouldn’t just be short-term goals but long-term profit. Unfortunately, not every businessperson knows how to plan or implement these systems. Rich explains how to put these systems in place to help every business prosper. These systems can be used for both new enterprises and long established companies. Rich also shows everyone, in clear and concise language, why these systems are so important for every business.

9. Project Management – Exactly to Spec, On-Time, Below Budget, Every Time

Solution To Having Too Much?

A big misunderstanding in the business world that quality takes a long time, even if it means going over budget and beyond the set schedule. This isn’t true and Rich proves that with this module. The information in this module focuses on project management and why this is needed for projects to succeed. Some projects succeed despite bad management, but good management will bring projects in on time and below budget on a regular basis. This includes a manager that is juggling multiple projects at once while balancing the workload of each one. Rich also goes in to detail about how to spot a good project manager and why not to let one get away. Project Managing is a key to getting a business profitable, so this module should not be overlooked.

10. Assembling Your Business Building SWAT Team

There is a reason a good team is the foundation for many companies success. A business is nothing with just a good idea and money. Without a good team working and making the idea come to fruition, a company will fail. Rich discusses how to assemble the best team possible to help bring the grand business vision to reality. He gives tips and techniques on how to spot the right person for the right job, but also talks about when another team should be used. Sometimes to help a business grow, the project should be outsourced to another team. This isn’t a slam against the employees of a company but a realization that other teams might have strengths needed for a specific task. This helps keep the business owner from working on the business and makes the business work for the owner.

11. Making it All Seamless: Your Well-Oiled Machine

This module brings all the previous modules together. The techniques and training that everybody goes through is tied up in a nice little bow. Rich shows how to use all the information provided to help each business grow and become that much more profitable. Rich also discusses the to-do list. Is the list something that is possible and realistic, or is it a list of goals that will never happen? How do you figure out which is which with a personal and business to-do list? It helps to create Personal Rules for Winning, rules that must be followed to get to the goal. This could be a financial goal, a personal goal, or just getting a company free from all debt. Along with discussing the Personal Rules, Rich also talks about the fifteen questions every business owner must consciously ask. These questions cover many topics, from the financial to the personal. Each question is designed to help keep the business on track and bringing in a profit. What makes a person successful? Rich brings up the seven traits of a successful Entrepreneur. These traits can help every businessperson, but ignoring these traits can hurt a business just as much.

12. You’re Free, Now What?

The modules worked. Rich’s techniques have paid off. What does a business owner do with his or her life now? This module talks about gaining success and what to do after the success comes. Not everyone knows how to handle a success; sometimes the journey is more relevant than the actual end goal. Rich discusses what to do with this success and how to put all the information learned in to action in a personal way and in future ventures.

A Weekly Q and A

The Business Growth System 2.0 isn’t just a series of modules and videos, but a continuously updated system. To help keep on the cutting edge of the new techniques and practices, Rich has implemented a live Question and Answer session every week. This helps those that are using the system be able to ask any questions that might pop up. Everyone has questions and there is often a desire to ask these questions with the person that created the system. Luckily, this is part of the entire package and built in to the product. Rich Schefren desires to help everyone that uses his techniques grow their successful business. This helps iron out any issues and presents new information.

Other Extras

Many extras come with this system. Two of the best are the aforementioned Q and A sessions as well as an in-depth self-assessment tool called the Strengths Mastery Advantage. This tool lays everything out in black and white. It shows each person what areas are the best in his or her life and which areas can be improved. Another great extra is the Founder’s Club, a group of like-minded individuals that can help any business grow. With this club, there is information that can be combined with this system to help future growth. The information from the Founder’s Club will help in many different ways, not just for the current business but for future projects as well.Business Growth System Testimonials


Rich Schefren’s Business Growth System 2.0 is an investment that can last a lifetime. The price paid upfront isn’t bad, but it may have to be looked at in the long term. Costing a total of $2,997 or $397/month for 11 months, this price is small in comparison to the wealth of information and weekly Question and Answer sessions that come with it. The eleven core modules are worth much more than the asking price. This information is invaluable for helping failing businesses recover and launching new businesses in to the world. Not everyone has that type of funding to put in to a package like this. Because of that, there are other options, other ways to fund this project. A person or a business can work out other payment options. The price isn’t anything compared to what this system actually provides. The money will be made back if all the techniques are used. There will be no buyer’s remorse for the Business Growth System 2.0.

Some Final Thoughts

The Business Growth System 2.0 isn’t called the best for no reason. All of the information contained in this product can help a person’s business grow even more profitable. Yet, Rich doesn’t expect the people that use his system to look for loopholes or shortcuts in becoming successful. This system doesn’t just help on a company-wide level, but also helps those who use it for personal growth. The techniques set forth in this program shouldn’t be revolutionary, since it all makes so much sense. Unfortunately, the business world works in such a way that many of the concepts here are new. With the help of Rich Schefren and this Business Growth System, these concepts can be filtered in to any company at any time. This includes new companies and businesses that have been around for ages. All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to listen to the information presented. This system is highly recommended and any serious business owner should obtain the product.

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The Hidden Obstacles to Your SuccessRich Schefren isn’t a household name, but he should be one. Starting out in the world of business before the internet, Rich was able to become successful in an offline and unconnected world. When he first tried to put his talents to use by making money with online marketing, he failed miserably. Rich didn’t quit and continued trying to make money via the World Wide Web. He eventually succeeded and now is one of the top moneymakers on the internet. He has learned a lot through trial and error and now offers his proven techniques and secrets in one document.

A new perspective

Hidden Obstacles to Your Success is a report that doesn’t pull punches. There is a reality to this report that Rich acknowledges, one that points the finger of failure directly at the reader. These hidden obstacles are more often than not self-inflicted. Rich shows how the reader can start to overcome these obstacles and paints a road to success for anyone. However, this information isn’t the easiest to swallow. A person reading this report will have to look at his or herself with critical eye after finishing. Bad habits, procrastination, and perfectionism are all blocks to becoming a success in life and on the internet.

Business isn’t always the same

Every entrepreneur has certain tendencies and habits that help lead him or her to success. However, sometimes these successes are limited. The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success report helps to show what business oriented habits can both help and hinder growth. The goal of most entrepreneurs is to reach a stage in their business where success is guaranteed. There are so many obstacles in the way to this and many of them helped a businessperson become successful in the first place. This report helps every reader understand that many of the habits he or she relied on can only inhibit future growth.

The Founder’s Club

Rich Schefren’s founder Club brings this report to life. It is a group of common minded individuals who want nothing but success for their business. Rich has started this club to dispense his wisdom and create a group that can support one another. The Hidden Obstacles to Your Success report is just a taste of what the Founders Club 2.0 has to offer, including sage advice and companionship with peers. Although the report can be had free, it does cost a bit to get in to the Founder’s Club. The price of admission is small compared to what comes with such an investment.

Removing the Obstacles

Both the report and the Founder’s Club can help with future success. The Hidden Obstacles report brings to light habits and skills that can both help and hinder success. This cost for this help is immeasurable since it shows every person how life can be truly lived. Success isn’t always a given and often this has more to do with an individual than an industry. The Founder’s Club is also a great tool and a resource for wisdom. Rich has many things to say and his words only help. Both are great products. Any person that wants to make a name for him or herself on the internet should try them.


The story behind the Man

Rich SchefrenMany people may not know the name Rich Schefren. However, his business acumen well-known among the internet moneymaking elite. He is a businessman that led a very successful offline business career. When he first tried to switch to making money online, he failed miserably. Fortunately, Rich Schefren was able to bounce back and develop some very good techniques for making money on the internet. His Internet Business Manifesto is currently lighting up the World Wide Web.

Internet Business ManifestoWhat is the Internet Business Manifesto?

The document that lays out the concepts that every internet businessperson should become very familiar with using. These concepts range from simple, common sense ideas to ones that are a bit more complicated. The document discusses mind mapping quite a bit, a form of cloud brainstorming that helps business oriented people create a plan to become successful.

The Rich Schefren Experience

The concepts in the document are all based on the life or Rich Schefren. Because of this, he goes in to great detail about his background. This helps create a foundation for the concepts in the book. It shows that these concepts actually work because they have already been tried and tested in the real world. Some of the concepts touched upon in this area are the different types of marketers and some more mind mapping experiences.

What are the most important areas of a business?

One of the main thrusts of the Internet Business Manifesto is the idea of crucial and important areas of business. Each businessperson needs to take a long look at his or her own company. There are a couple of questions that need to be answered, including what parts of the business are working and which parts aren’t. This ties back in to the idea of two types of marketers, the opportunist and the entrepreneur. Both types handle a business differently, with one looking at the short-term goals and the other looking at the long-term. It is easy in the internet-marketing world to be an opportunist, but the real success stories come from the entrepreneur side.

Creating a new System

This manifesto also brings up the point of creating a system around the moneymaking activities. The goal in creating a system this like this is to make money without much interference from the moneymaker, IE: the person that owns the business. To help see what systems need to be in place, track how much work that is done in a typical business day and figure out the hourly wage. Outsource as much as possible below the hourly rate, then raise the hourly rate on the projects accordingly. This will help create projects that are being worked on by others, yet still bring in money for the business owner.

The Final Thought

Rich Schefren’s Internet Business Manifesto is an interesting document. It takes many complex concepts and boils them down to the simplest terms. The ideas behind this document are time-tested and work. Therefore, if the concepts and techniques are put in to play, it is easy to start making a bit more money through the process. This doesn’t mean no work is involved, but it does mean that work will produce a lot more income. This is necessary read for anyone that is interested in starting an internet business or making his or her own business start bringing in more income.